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AAM Group launches Rental Plus vehicle solution to aid fleet flexibility

The increasing demand for vehicle flexibility at a competitive rate coupled with changing employment conditions and tightening duty of care legislation has resulted in AAM Group launching Rental Plus.


Sitting alongside, AAM Group’s Flexirental solution, Rental Plus is a ‘true alternative to contract hire’ offering a minimum rental period from only 84 days. By comparison, Flexirental only requires a minimum hire commitment of 28 days.


The two solutions been developed and launched so customer demand for a wide range of immediate requirements can be met.


Typically that could include:

  • Vehicle provision for new staff during the completion of a probationary period of employment
  • A new business win and employees assigned to the contract requiring immediate vehicle support
  • Employees without the benefit of a company car requiring a vehicle for a specific period of time
  • Employees requiring a vehicle while working on secondment to a UK-based business from sister companies located elsewhere in the world
  • Seasonal demands, particularly for temporary sales staff recruited to launch new products and to manage regional or national product promotions
  • Companies undergoing change perhaps as a result of a takeover or due to a major fleet review and a hold being put on new vehicle orders
  • As a stop-gap measure for employees between the disposal of their current company car and prior to them taking delivery of their new vehicle
  • An immediate transport requirement while a business is undecided about committing to multi-year leases.


The benefits to businesses of a flexible rental solution are many and varied and include: no initial rental, deposit or advance payments; a generous mileage allowance - typically 2,500 miles per 28 days; no vehicle delivery or collection costs; the inclusion of maintenance and 24-hour breakdown cover; UK-wide vehicle delivery and no termination costs after expiry of the minimum rental period, only payment of the pro rata daily rate.


Rental services director Mark Thompson said: “AAM Group offers customers the most flexible fleet solutions in the market today. From a one-day hire to a five-year lease and beyond, AAM Group has the capability to exactly meet all businesses’ fleet requirements."


“Rental Plus alongside Flexirental adds to AAM Group’s portfolio of products and enables the ability to tailor a vehicle solution at a moment’s notice to meet individual customer needs.”


Rental Plus is available with a generous mileage allowance and the rental fee includes full maintenance, which aids customer budgeting with no nasty surprises. What’s more, in most cases, AAM Group anticipates that employees will be at the wheel of the same vehicle for up to 12 months. A comprehensive range of cars and light commercial vehicles are available, all within 72 hours.


Meanwhile, for businesses requiring cars, vans or HGVs for a shorter period of time AAM Group offers Flexirental, which delivers immediate savings over standard daily rental charges. With vehicles available from just two hours’ notice, after 28 days businesses either return a vehicle or pay the applicable pro rata rate for each additional day on hire.


Mr Thompson said: “Rental Plus and Flexirental solutions alongside our established product portfolio provides a rapid mobility facility to meet an urgent requirement and enables businesses to ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ their vehicle requirements to meet individual staff and operational requirements.”


He added: “Both options can be used by employers to meet a wide range of job requirements and negates any need for employees to use their own cars on business which can prove to be an expensive alternative due to mileage reimbursement. Equally it is administratively inefficient, particularly from a duty of care viewpoint.”


Posted by:

Mark Thompson

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